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i'm iliana and i mostly just complain, think about dylan o'brien's hands and listen to music.
 munro(s) in my chamber
Anonymous asked: joan rivers has a family...


so do the palestinians she wished dead

- Why do you think people that don’t even know you care so much about those things?

- If you have an answer to that, please let me know. I- I don’t know. [x]


when someone you don’t like loves the same song as you



Hayley Williams live through the years


real talk how often are you meant to change your bra


The reason this person is able to get so many private pictures is because they’re hacking iCloud accounts. The new iPhones automatically upload your photos from your phone to your iCloud unless you change the settings. So these are /incredibly private/ photos from their phones that Apple have uploaded to their iClouds automatically, which have then been hacked. This is not them being careless with who they’re sending things to!


If you defend a guy for his nudes getting leaked (“aw it’s okay we still love you1!1!1!!!”) but then shame a girl for her nudes getting leaked (“what a slut she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place!!1!1!!!”) I hope you step on many lego pieces at once.


until skinny is used as an insult and a derogatory term like fat is, and not as a compliment and as a casting call or a societal requirement for what is”normal” and “beautiful”,i think us skinny bitches better keep our mouth shut and stay out the motherfucking club